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How to Prevent Wind Noise on Videos

If you find that you are picking up too much wind noise in your recording, there are several things you can do to minimize this: When you don't need the camera to be waterproof and are traveling under 100MPH, you can use the open back housing door. This will allow for more of the engine or exhaust noise to be picked up by the microphone, and override the wind noise. Mount the camera in a location that is exposed to the wind as little as possible. Placing the camera right in... Read More »

How to Prevent Waves or Distortion in Videos

If you are experiencing this wavy or distorted footage when using your GoPro during an activity where there is a large amount of vibration, it is most likely that a vibration is being emitted which is actually reaching the camera's sensor and causing the waviness. Depending on where and how you have your camera placed, there are a number of things you can do. For example, when placed on a roll bar, add a strip of rubber (i.e. from a bike inner tube) to dampen the vibration. With the curved or... Read More »

Built-in Memory

The HD HERO Original camera, HD HERO 960 camera, and HD HERO2 camera do not have any built-in memory. You'll need to purchase one of the recommended SDHC cards to record photos and videos to. The Standard Definition HERO cameras have 16 MB of built-in memory. This is good for about 25 photos, or a short video. You'll probably want to purchase an SD card so that you can save more shots.

What SD Card to Use in the Standard Definition HERO Cameras

You can add up to a 2GB standard SD memory card to the Standard Definition HERO cameras. There is no benefit to running a high speed card.

Standard Definition HERO Camera Picture Resolution

The camera takes 3 mega-pixel digital photos. There is also a mode that shoots a photo every 5 seconds automatically for 2 hours when using Lithium or NiMH batteries.

Battery-life for the Standard Definition HERO Cameras

You will get 2 hours of recording time (photos or automatic photo mode) out of the Standard Definition HERO camera in mild and warmer temperatures with LITHIUM or Rechargeable NiMH battery types. Alkaline are not recommended for extended use in GoPro cameras as their battery life is very short and they suffer voltage drop (failure) from vibration. IN COLD WEATHER use LITHIUM batteries to maximize recording time…they do not lose voltage as quickly as the other battery types. In 15 degree Fahrenheit temps you can expect 1 hour of recording time…so... Read More »

Waterproof Rating on the Standard Definition HERO Cameras

You can safely take the Standard Definition HERO camera down to 100 feet underwater when it is in the Wrist HERO Housing or the Quick-release Housing.

Standard Definition HERO Does Not Power On

We only recommend using NiMH rechargeable batteries OR Energizer Lithium batteries to get the best performance and longest battery life. In the cold, use only Lithium batteries as those are not as affected by cold temperatures. The Lithium batteries are not rechargeable however which makes the NiMH good to have in your battery arsenal. Alkaline batteries are not ideal for digital cameras especially for video mode. Alkaline tend to have voltage drops which can cause the camera to go into auto-save mode before shutting down due to “low” batteries. This is... Read More »

Standard Definition HERO Camera Video Resolution

The Standard Definition HERO camera records video at 512×384 at 30 frames per second.

Standard Definition HERO Cameras Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS

The Standard Definition HERO cameras are compatible with Windows AND Mac operating systems. You can use with Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS 9.1 or later.