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Installation du pilote de périphérique pour le Wi-Fi BacPac - Windows 8

This article describes the process to properly install the device driver for the Wifi BacPac in Windows 8.  If you connect a powered on Wi-Fi BacPac and GoPro Studio does not show it in the Device Window, this article applies to you. Step 1- Turn off User Account Control (UAC) Instructions for Windows 7  Instructions for Windows Vista   Step 2 - Confirm that the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed on your computer To check if the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed, follow the below steps: Click... Read More »

Est-ce que j'ai besoin d'un réseau Wi-Fi pour utiliser la Remote ou l'App GoPro ?

You do not need a Wi-Fi network set up to use the Wi-Fi BacPac and remote.  The GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac creates an ad hoc network that they communicate over.  You only need a Wi-Fi network in order to stream/share video and photos to the internet or to control multiple cameras with the GoPro App, which is coming soon.

Connexion Wi-Fi sous l'eau

The connection between the Wi-Fi Remote and Wi-Fi BacPac will be lost when either device is underwater, but the connection is automatically re-established once both are above water again.

Contrôler plusieurs caméras avec une seule télécommande Wi-Fi Remote

The Wi-Fi Remote can control up to 50 cameras.  If multiple cameras are paired to a remote, the remote controls all cameras at the same time.  This means that individual cameras cannot be controlled separately by the remote.

Résolution des problèmes relatifs à la mise à jour du Wi-Fi BacPac

If you are experiencing any issues updating your Wi-Fi BacPac, please read through the below troubleshooting steps to help get the update process completed successfully: To start, ensure the BacPac is fully charged.  Out of the box, the BacPac should be charged for an hour before doing any updates.  BacPac not recognized.   Make sure that device drivers have been installed, and are up to date. To check, click on start > control panel > device manager. Under Universal Serial Bus devices, you should find the device name if installed “WiFi BacPac”... Read More »

Le mode Prise de photos en continu ne fonctionne pas lorsque la Wi-Fi Remote est utilisée

This article applies to HERO3 and HERO3+. The Continuous Photo mode is not supported by the Wi-Fi remote. When you press and hold the shutter button on the remote, it does not record any photos. You can press and immediately release the shutter button, but it will take one second worth of photos. If you want to use Continuous Photo mode you must use the shutter button on the camera.  

Délai entre la caméra et la télécommande lors de la mise en marche

It should take about 3-5 seconds for the camera to power on once the power button is pressed on the Wi-Fi Remote.  If the camera does not power on, check for the following: Make sure that the WiFi BacPac and remote are paired, and that a connection is recognized. Make sure that the camera, Wi-Fi BacPac, and Remote batteries are fully charged.  Remember that you need to charge the Wi-Fi BacPac by connecting it to a computer, USB charger, or auto charger directly.  It can't be charged through the camera. If... Read More »

Le Wi-Fi BacPac ne s'allume plus après la mise à jour du logiciel

If a glitch occurred during the update, it can leave you unable to power on the Wi-Fi BacPac or connect to it in GoPro Studio.  We have a new version of GoPro Studio that will allow you to re-establish connection so that you can update the BacPac.  Click here to download the latest version of GoPro Studio.Install the new version of GoPro Studio and retry the update.  You'll see that the Wi-Fi BacPac Version is listed as "Unavailable - Reconnect".  That's OK.  Click the UPDATE button anyway, and the update should complete successfully.

Message « Coming soon! » lors de la sélection du menu Téléphone et tablette

If you see the "Coming soon!" message when you try to select Phone & Tablet in your HD HERO2 camera's Wi-Fi settings menu, this means you need to update your HD HERO2 camera's software.  If you're trying to use the GoPro App, you'll also need to make sure that your Wi-Fi BacPac's software is up-to-date. Check out our GoPro App software updates page for instructions on updating your HD HERO2 camera and Wi-Fi BacPac. You also might want to check out our Getting Started with the GoPro App article to familiarize... Read More »

Comment consulter le statut de votre commande GoPro

If you want to check your GoPro Order Status, we have a tool that will allow you to do that. GoPro Order Status If you enter your info in the tool linked above you will see all the details about your GoPro order, including its status and tracking information.