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HERO3: Black Edition

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Portée Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Remote Range: The Wi-Fi Remote can control cameras up to 600 feet away under optimal conditions. GoPro App Range: This depends on the smartphone/tablet device that is being used. Contact your device's manufacturer to find out information on Wi-Fi capability for your particular device.  

Mise à jour du logiciel de la caméra HERO3 : tutoriel vidéo

Watch this tutorial to learn how to get the latest software update for your HERO3 Camera.

Informations relatives au mode Prise de photos en continu de la HERO3 et de la HERO3+

Continuous Photo mode allows you to capture a series of Photos continuously while holding down the Shutter button until you release the shutter button, or until the camera has taken 30 photos. With the Black Edition, Continuous Photos can be taken in the following: 3 photos every 1 second (3 SPS) 5 photos every 1 second (5 SPS) 10 photos every 1 second (10 SPS) Note: Your camera will remain in the Continuous Photo mode until you return it to the Single photo capture setting option. Also note: Once the camera has reached 30 photos - in... Read More »

Tutoriel vidéo sur la fixation bracelet pour la HERO3 et la HERO3+

Check out this tutorial video on how to use the HERO3 and HERO3+ Wrist Housing. 

Comment nettoyer la lentille de la caméra ?

All of the cameras’ lenses are cleaned before they leave the factory.  Sometimes a thin purple film can be seen on the lens.  If this occurs, it just means that our cleaning solution wasn’t wiped off all the way. There’s an easy way to remove it. Breathing gently on the lens to fog it up and then wiping with a gentle cloth is the most affective way to clean the lens.  Repeat until clean. We recommend against using a cleaning solution.  If you use a cleaning solution, you run the risk... Read More »

Mise à jour du logiciel de la caméra pour la compatibilité avec l'App GoPro

In order to use the new features in the latest GoPro App update, it is requires to update your GoPro camera software. If you do not update your camera software you will get a message within the GoPro App that states: "Firmware Update Required". For information on how to update your firmware, see the following FAQs: HERO3 instructions HD HERO2 instructions

Résolutions prises en charge par l'aperçu dans l'App GoPro (iOS et Android) pour les caméras HERO3 et HERO2

The following chart shows the supported video resolutions for video preview in the GoPro App. *If preview doesn't start using 960p, try using a different resolution such as: 1080p or 720p

Comment éviter les vagues et les distorsions dans les vidéos

If you are experiencing this wavy or distorted footage when using your GoPro during an activity where there is a large amount of vibration, it is most likely that a vibration is being emitted which is actually reaching the camera's sensor and causing the waviness. Depending on where and how you have your camera placed, there are a number of things you can do.  For example, when placed on a roll bar, add a strip of rubber (i.e. from a bike inner tube) to dampen the vibration.  With the curved or... Read More »

Informations sur la taille de fichier des vidéos basse résolution (LRV) sur la HERO3

This article details the Low Resolution Video (LRV) files and their respective full-resolution sizes. The testing that generated this data was done with 1 minute video recordings using similar outside lighting conditions for accuracy. Note: All FOV's were not listed because file size differences are negligible and pixel dimensions remain constant for all FOV's. HERO3: Black Edition   HERO3: Silver Edition   HERO3: White Edition

Dans quel format vidéo les caméras HERO3 et HERO3+ enregistrent-elles ?

All HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras record video using the h.264 codec and the MP4 file type.