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Tutoriel vidéo : Conseils de fixation du système 3D HERO

Check out our "GoPro 3D HERO System: Mounting Tips" video tutorial for tips on mounting the 3D HERO System.

Informations sur la publication de mises à jour logicielles

Here are the current software versions for HD HERO cameras and GoPro Premium Accessories.  You can download the current version for your device by going to gopro.com/update.

Éteindre le mode « One button »

If your camera automatically starts taking a video recording upon powering it on, the camera has One Button Mode enabled. This will be indicated by your camera's LCD screen blinking and the red LED blinking on the front of the camera. If you do not want One Button mode enabled, this article will explain how to disable it. HD HERO (Original) To exit one button mode, please turn on the camera so it starts either recording or taking the photos.  While it is doing so, press and hold the shutter button for... Read More »

Réaliser des prises de vue par intervalles et enregistrer une vidéo en même temps grâce au système 3D HERO

It is possible to record video with one camera and capture time-lapse photos with the other camera in the in the 3D camera housing, but not with the 3D Sync Cable inserted. The 3D Sync Cable will only assist with synced 3D recording when modes are identical between cameras. If you would like to use the 3D housing for dual recording you can simply neglect the 3D Sync Cable and start recording before inserting the cameras into the housing. Make sure to place the camera that is upside down in Upside-down mode... Read More »

Tutoriel vidéo : Comment le système 3D HERO de GoPro fonctionne

Check out the "GoPro 3D HERO System: How it Works" video tutorial to learn basic operation of the 3D HERO System.    

Caractéristiques informatiques requises pour le montage vidéo 3D

Dual HERO System Processor: A Sandy Bridge i7 or newer is the minimum for 3D editing, with a Haswell i7 recommended.  RAM: 4GB min, 8GB rec. 3D HERO System You will need a computer that meets the minimum required specifications for the GoPro Studio software.

Logiciel de montage 3D

The FREE GoPro Studio program will assist with the basics of combining and utilizing your content in 3D.  If you wish to sequence your media or add a soundtrack, you will need a separate editing software (ie: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc).

Comment commencer à enregistrer dans le système 3D HERO

When the 3D sync cable is inserted, the shutter button of the Master (right) camera will start and stop recording for both the right camera and the left camera.  If you would like to adjust modes, or turn the camera on and off you will need to use the mode/power button on both cameras. Please watch the video tutorial on how the 3D HERO System works:

Tutoriel vidéo : comment créer des clips 3D avec le système 3D HERO ou le système de double boîtier HERO

Check out our "GoPro 3D HERO System: Creating 3D Clips" video tutorial to learn how to create 3D clips.

Cartes SD et système 3D HERO

The SD cards do not have to be the same in each camera that you're using in the 3D HERO System.  You can have different sizes, class ratings, and brand SD cards, and the sync will still be effective.  We recommend only purchasing name brand SD cards through reputable resellers.  There are both counterfeit and underperforming SD cards out in the marketplace, which can prevent proper functioning of your HD HERO camera's features..  For the HD HERO Original camera, we recommend 16GB Class 4 SDHC cards.  For the HD HERO2 camera, you can... Read More »